Progressive Jackpot
Progressive jackpots refer to those casino games which are linked together to create one giant jackpot. What it essentially means is that all the players, playing the same game at different online casinos, are in reality playing for the same jackpot and increasing it each time they play. Progressive jackpots attract many players. For that reason they grow to enormous amounts before they are hit.

Fruit Mania progressive jackpot pool runs across a network of Playtech casinos. A small percentage of each bet, to be more precise 1%, by every slot player spinning reels on Fruit Mania in any Playtech online casino, is added to the common jackpot.

Fruit Mania's progressive jackpot resets at $1250 and is won very frequently, on average 2 or 3 times a weeks. The average Fruit Mania's jackpot win is $10,000.

The current value of the Fruit Mania Progressive Jackpot is displayed on the top of the Fruit Mania game,on the red scrollbar, as well as on many online casino news websites.

To be eligible to win the Progressive Jackpot, the slots player needs to bet the maximum number of coins. Since the 5-payline Fruit Mania has a fixed coin value of $0.25, slot players can have a go at the Progressive Jackpot for just a $1.25 stake!

In the Fruit Mania slots, the Jackpot is won immediately when the player gets five Cherries symbols along the 5th payline.